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" rel="bookmark">Post Christmas Workout
After more than a few days of eating too much food with too little nutritional value and not doing any exercise, this evening I did
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Quick Full Body Workout

As I go to the gym in my lunch hour, I don’t have time to waste. I need to get in and get out. I
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A Burpee, a Ball Slam and Twenty Minutes

Sometimes the most simple workouts are the best – and the hardest. You don’t always need lots of fancy equipment to get a great workout.
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Quick Fat Burning Crossfit Workouts

Recently I’ve been doing a lot more conditioning workouts at the gym. They’re all Crossfit style. So for example a set number of rounds as
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Working so hard I felt like puking

I’ve been doing a lot more conditioning recently, needing to really push myself. Worked so hard today I thought I was going to puke! It’s
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Simple Body Weight Finisher For Fat Burning

To finish a workout, I’ve been adding some ‘finishers’ in, mostly metabolic conditioning, I enjoy doing these at the end of a heavy weights session,
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Last week was mostly a legs workout

I worked the legs last week at the gym, week number four since I’ve been back training. Climbing the stairs back up to the office
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Workout – Week 3

Workout Week 3 This week was my third week back at the gym. Each week I’ve mixed up my workouts but I’ve kept a focus on the big
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