Working so hard I felt like puking

I’ve been doing a lot more conditioning recently, needing to really push myself. Worked so hard today I thought I was going to puke! It’s amazing how a seemingly harmless workout can leave you feeling like you heart is about to break through your chest alien style!

The workout below took me less than 15 minutes, it felt like a lot longer while I was doing it.

15 x barbell shoulder press

15 x upright row

60 metre sprint

15 sit ups

15 push ups

60 metre sprint

That’s one round. I performed 3 rounds with no rest. I felt like shit afterwards. I did this in my lunch hour and the gym. It seems quite easy but the two lots of sprints in each round are hard. I used a pretty light weight for the shoulder presses and upright rows, just over 12kg, which doesn’t sound a lot but by the end of the workout I could barely lift the bar above my head.

The idea with this kind of workout is to jack the heart rate, burning as much fat in the least amount of time. Not resting between sets really does increase the intensity.

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