Workout – Week 3

Workout Week 3

This week was my third week back at the gym.

Each week I’ve mixed up my workouts but I’ve kept a focus on the big muscle groups of legs, shoulders and back.

I go to the gym near work at lunch time, so to allow for getting there and back and having a quick shower I get around 30 minutes to workout.

This means I need to make every one of those 30 minutes count. Which is great because as it means I have to plan what I am doing, keep track of my rest periods and generally not waste time between sets.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been concentrating on both upper and lower body. I do a combination of three upper body and three lower body exercises per workout.

I pair an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise. This allows me to work two different muscle groups with minimal rest, I go from upper body to lower body with no rest, then rest for one minute between sets.

I am currently performing 12 reps of each exercise for a minimum of two sets. If I have time at the end I will go back and do another set of lower body exercises to finish the legs.

Doing my workouts in this way allows me to keep the intensity of the workout high thus burning fat and increasing strength.

This weeks workout was as follows

Barbell Squat – 2 sets – 12 reps

Shoulder Press – 2 sets – 12 reps

Lat Pull Down – 2 sets – 12 reps

Goblet Squat – 2 sets – 12 reps

Chest Press – 2 sets – 12 reps

Lunge – 2 sets – 12 reps

1 min rest between sets, with some stretching in between as my hip flexors are a little tight. I’m generally feeling pretty good and keeping rest periods to a minimum your certainly feel the burn.


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